Eyebrow Mapping is how we get Perfect Eyebrows for Cosmetic Tattooing

Apr 11 , 2018

Karen Ross

Eyebrow Mapping is how we get Perfect Eyebrows for Cosmetic Tattooing

It all starts with Brow Mapping? 

All of the above terms refer to a method that cosmetic tattoo artists use to create the perfect brow shape for the Cosmetic Tattooing of Feather Strokes, Micoblading and Powder Brows.  At Aspya, we take brow mapping very seriously, and we always ensure that we take our time with each client to get our pre-draw right. Brow mapping is CRUCIAL to creating symmetrical brows to each clients’ existing brows and facial structure.

Brow Mapping can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how much brow we are building for each client. I feel that this is the most critical step in the eyebrow cosmetic tattooing process as it allows us to find the appropriate point for our clients’ eyebrows to start, arch and end on each brow.

Now, you may have heard the statement, “Brows Are Sisters, Not Twins.”, and this is the case when it comes to the strokes that go into each brow. Where I believe this is not true is the shape of each brow. The last thing anyone wants is one brow larger, higher, more comprehensive, or smaller than the other eyebrow. Unfortunately, it seems that not every artist believes in this step. By not doing this may up leaving the client unhappy with their brows and out seeking another artist to fix what the other artist did. 

Here are the necessary steps of Brow Mapping at Aspya using the string method:

Step 1 – The first thing we do is a thorough clean of the brow, forehead and eyelids with alcohol pre-pads. After the area is cleaned, we find the centre of the space between each brow. The best way we achieve this is between the bridge of the nose and create a line up to the clients’ hairline.

Step 2 – Next, we apply a Brows Ruler across the forehead with the centerline positioned in on the 0 of the ruler. Along with placing the ruler at this point, we ensure that the ruler is straight across the clients’ forehead and not crooked.

Step 3 – Choose one brow to map first and determine where you want the clients’ brow to start, arch and end. There are multiple ways to do this, and we look for our clients’ input to refine our choice based on what they want to achieve with microblading. Once we determine each point, we move on to step 4.

Step 4 – Now that we know where our brows will start, arch and end, we now need to create the brows. I like to go along the clients bottom brow line and top of the brow to determine the necessary width. If a client has very little hair or small eyebrows, we decide how big they want them and use that as our standard.


Step 5 – Once we have completed the shape of one brow, we show the client to ensure that the shape works for them. We may have to go back one or two times to refine the shape before designing the other brow.

Step 6 – Once the first eyebrow is approved,  it is time to match it up to the other eyebrow. Through measurements with a calliper, we match up the start, arch and end of the second brow. Once we match up both eyebrows, we will show the brow design to the client for their approval.

Once everyone has approved of the shape of the eyebrows, it is onto the tattooing

If you are looking into getting microblading, do your research and make sure to ask your artist how they create the shape for your brows. If they do not utilise brow mapping, inquire how they create the symmetrical shape for your brows.  This is a step that should not be missed, and unfortunately, I am finding that some artists do not map their clients’ brows, and this usually leads to cover-ups and removals for those clients.

If you have any questions or comments about Brow Mapping, contact us! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.