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For the longest of times, the beautiful rose quartz crystal has been known as the crystal of love and a natural healing stone. It comes as no surprise that Greek mythology tells us that Aphrodite - the Goddess of love - rushed to her lovers' aid only to catch herself on a briar bush, and thus her blood stained the plain quartz pink for eternity.
The Click Beauty rose quartz face roller is the premium rose quartz roller currently available in Australia. The guaranteed real rose quartz face roller is never chemically treated. Rose Quartz Roller Benefits As for distinct advantages, you’ll see its effects soon as you add it to your daily routine. When using the rose quartz roller gently, the roller will instantly start nourishing the skin and assist in your skincare program. By applying the roller, the pores in the area will close naturally, the lymphatic drainage will improve, congestion will be reduced, and micro-circulation will be boosted to tone your skin. The best thing about these particular massage tools is that you can use the roller daily since the crystals are gentle and non-invasive.
When you decide to buy from Click Beauty, the Rose Quartz Rollers are guaranteed to be:
  • Handcrafted as individually as you yourself.
  • Genuine jewellery grade natural crystal
  • Brass clips that are thicker and stronger: a signature of White Lotus. They’re used to avoid breaking or injury.

Why a Chemical Free Roller of Rose Quartz?

Looking at the rose quartz in more detail, the crystal is tough; however, it can be easily shattered during the carving process. For this reason, many producers use chemical treatments to soften the rose quartz, preventing it from breaking. We never use chemical treatment on our crystals. As a result, the rollers that are crafted will produce a smooth surface on your skin that you will enjoy, and they will retain the energetic properties of the original crystal.

Does the Rose Quartz Roller Really Work?

The short answer is yes. It will instantly ease congestion and swelling, especially around the eyes. It increases micro-circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, and the coolness of the rose roller helps close pores.

How Do You Use a Rose Quartz Facial Roller?

The key principles are to always gently roll upwards and outwards to lift and stretch the skin. Traditionally it is best to start on the right side of the face as this is the direction that energy flows. Start at the bottom of the face or neck and work upwards. All Click Beauty Rollers come with full instructions on use, and you can also see our blog section, which has an extensive range of instructions and ideas for use.

Rose Quartz Roller Results

Results from using your rose quartz face roller regularly will normally include an improvement in complexion and colour, reduced swelling and puffiness from the increased lymphatic drainage and more tightly closed pores from the cooling effect of the roller. Rolling regularly will also improve natural blood circulation and blood flow to improve the health of the skin. 

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