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Our authentic Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set is a skincare tool that is used to massage the face.

In many eastern cultures, the jade stone is believed to contain spiritual and healing properties. These time-honoured traditions are changing the concept of modern skincare.

A jade roller can help de-puff the skin, making it look tighter and firmer. That’s because rolling the jade stone firmly over your face can help push along built-up lymphatic fluids under the skin.

You can also boost the de-puffing power of a jade roller by putting it in the fridge or freezer before using it to get it nice and cool since coolness also helps reduce swelling.

As the jade roller is smooth and non-porous, by rolling it gently but firmly across your skin, you are loosening off tense facial muscles which create wrinkles and improve elasticity.

It is recommended that you use a good face serum on your skin when using the jade roller.


  • Boost circulation
  • Improves skin elasticity and skin tone
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces wrinkles and puffiness
  • Reduces dark under-eye circles
  • Provides cooling relaxation to your face and eyes
  • Assists in the elimination of toxins
  • Reduces pore sizes

Roller Instructions

Face Rollers are best used while applying your daily facial serum, oil or moisturiser to enhance absorption.

Starting on the neck and working toward the forehead, repeat each of the following actions in order.

Step 1 - Sweep from the centre of the neck outward

Step 2 - Work from the centre of the chin outward and upward along the jawline

Step 3-4 - Follow cheek contour from the nose to ears

Step 5 - Using the small section of the roller, roll gently under the eyes and eyelids and over the temples.

Step 6-7 - Start in the centre of the forehead, near the bridge of the nose, and work upward and outward toward the hairline.

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