Lip Blush is the new Lip Tattoo

Feb 20 , 2019

Karen Ross

Lip Blush is the new Lip Tattoo

In recent years we’ve become obsessed with the perfect pout, and lip fillers have become as easy to book as a simple manicure. 

Having worked in the PMU industry for over ten years, you do tend to see the ripple effect of a new trend before anybody else. Lip blushing is not a new concept, and in fact, I’ve been creating a lip blush on clients for around three years. The results are unbelievably natural, but most of all lips appear more voluminous!

This innovative semi-permanent treatment uses colour pigment, like that of the natural lip, to create depth and definition and lasts for a minimum of 18 months. Lip blushing is one of the more understated permanent makeup techniques and is perfect for those who want fuller-looking lips without filler. When clients leave my Clinic post-lip blush, the colour can look up to four shades darker than the finished result.

But I love it when clients get in contact and send me post-healing photos of their perfectly blushed pouts.

When clients come to me for lip treatments, I ensure we not only discuss the look they want to achieve but how they want to feel! Enhancing the natural shape and colour of a client’s lips through a Lip Blush and Contour treatment not only perfects their pout but can give them a real confidence boost too.

If you want to book your very own lip Blushing treatment, or wanting to discover more info about the 2019 must-have trend, call our Clinic on 0406 387 617.

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