Born and raised in Mackay, Queensland, Australia Karen initially started her working career in hairdressing and has always been interested in all aspects of beauty. During Karen's '20s, she discovered that she had a very entrepreneurial and creative mindset. Being entrepreneurial meant she was continually thinking about ways to improve client experiences and thinking of exciting projects to undertake. Upon completion of her hairdressing apprenticeship, Karen saw there was a need for a salon in Mackay with a difference. Karen launched her Hair Salon in Mackay, giving her the opportunity to implement her creative drive while giving the clients a unique experience.

While visiting Bali in 2011, Karen realised that there was a need for an Up Market Spa in Seminyak Bali, so the next project commenced on designing and building the ASPYA Bali SPA from the ground up. Once again offering both men and women an experience when visiting Bali. The spa has a full time appointed Manager who looks after the day to day running of the SPA and employs eight staff who specialise in skin care, massage therapies and hairdressing. Karen visits the SPA regularly to ensure quality standards and training are maintained.

Karen launched ASPYA Cosmetic Tattoo in 2013 in Newport, Brisbane. Karen has completed many courses for Cosmetic Tattooing and has completed over 10 Master Classes, with world-renowned Artists. Giving Karen the experience to offer a wide range of services in her art, for all skin types and ages. It is Karen's belief to enhance NATURAL beauty. Semi-Permanent makeup should be timeless and not trend orientated, ensuring that it complements your natural features.

Karen relocated her business to North Lakes in 2017 to meet the growing cosmetic tattoo clientele and added the Skin Clinic, as many of her clients would benefit from this service. By adding the Skin Clinic, this was also an investment in the training for her Bali SPA. 

The ASPYA Skin Clinic offers advanced clinical Skin Treatments such as Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening and Skin Needling and Hydra Dermabrasion.

In 2018 along with Karen's passion for beauty, she has a keen interest in french furniture, interior design and e-commerce with Karen's global sourcing capabilities by combining all of these French Maison Online was established.


+ Feather Stroke Course 
+ Feather Stroke Advanced Course
+ Beginners and Feather Stroke Tattooing Course 
+ 3D Eyebrow Course
+ 4 D Eyebrow Course 
+ Permanent Makeup Correction Course
+ Powder Brows Advanced Course
+ Full Lip Advanced Course 
+ Lip Blush Tattooing Advanced Course
+ Ombre Lip Tattooing Advanced Course
+ Advanced Micro Blading Course
+ Infection Control