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Chemical Peels have long been used to improve the skin's appearance.

Out with the old skin cells and in with the new to reveal a smooth radiant you.

Treat your skin to a skin cell regeneration. Your skin will be revitalised and refreshed. ASPYA Clinical Peels are an effective and non-invasive skin treatment, for immediate cell renewal and a refreshed complexion. 
We only use the highest quality ingredients for our Chemical Peels, which ultimately delivers the best possible results. 
Our Skin Therapist will tailor a specific formulation that will give you the best results and address your particular skin concerns. We offer a range of strengths and formulations to suit your preferences.

There are several different types of chemical peels, and they are often classified based on their active ingredients. The following is a description of the most common types of peels and an explanation of what they can accomplish.

Chemical peels involve the application of acidic solutions to the skin. They work by causing exfoliation of the top layer(s) of skin. In doing so, they remove some of the pigmentation and signs of sun damage and give the skin a "fresher" appearance. They can also unclog pores and stimulate collagen production. There are several different types of peels, and their effectiveness and side effect profile depend on their ingredients, concentration, and, in some cases, the length of time that the peeling solution is left on the skin.

Chemical peels are usually classified by the depth of peeling they cause. These cause peeling in the top layer(s) of the skin (the stratum corneum and the epidermis) and sometimes into the upper portion of the second layer (the dermis). 

Chemical peels are most frequently used to "freshen" the skin, as an anti-aging treatment, and to improve acne and/or skin discolouration.

We highly recommend a course of 3 or more treatments to ensure optimal results.

Ultra Refresh Peel - 15% Lactic

Ultra Renew Peel - 25% Glycolic

Ultra Reveal Peel - 40% Lactic

Ultra Restore Peel  - 10% Lactic + 10% Glycolic

Ultra Power Peel - Enzym Acid

Ultra Skin Clear Peel - Salicylic 20% 

Ultra VitA AOX Peel - Vitamin A 

Talk to us about the benefits of Serums for your home skincare regime. 

Customer Reviews

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Caitlin Scott
So relaxing!!

I’ve had 2 facials now with Aspya and they are amazing! Relaxing atmosphere and beautiful facial! I always leave Aspya feeling amazing

Gorgeous treatment

Another incredible experience with Jenna. This facial was so relaxing and my skin has been glowing since.

Sarah Ray
Thank you

Relaxing and beautiful treatment. Looking forward to my next visit. Thank you

Penny Branson
Chemical Facial Enzyme Skin Peel

Wow! What a wonderful relaxing facial. My skin felt radiant and moisturised. I am looking forward to next one. Thanks Jenna ❤️

Erin Zeitsch
5 star beauty treatment!

Aspya where have you been all my life! From the moment I walked in, to walking out, I was treated to an amazing salon experience. The customer service I received from Jenna and Karen was second to none. Absolute professionals with a wealth of knowledge. My beauty service was magical and the results are the best bit. My skin has never felt better. Could not recommend this salon enough! Book in, I promise you won't regret it!

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