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Colour :
Jasmine M 587
Rosy Red M 588
Dk Pink M 589

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The amazing new product enhances the natural lip pigmentation to give lips a FULLER blushed effect.

Accelerating the metabolism, enhancing the function of red blood cells with oxygen. 

After using 3 days, colour enhancement.

After using 7 days, noticeable fuller lips.

After using 7 to 15 days, lips will be restored to a more natural pink.

7 Days Magic Pink Up, made in Korea, adopted pigment molecules from sakura plants. 

It is effective in relieving labial grain regeneration can open the lip lines. 

Use it 7 to 15 days can make your lip restore natural pink which look more natural than before. 

Natural plant-oxidants
Gel powder
Gel water

Colours: Jasmine

1. Apply to lips, areola and other parts. 

2. Containing natural lactic acid and natural plant nutrition hormone

3. Remove rough dead skin, inhibit melanin bottom lip wrinkles and muscle regeneration. 

4. After using 7 days, Melanin is significantly inhibited.

5.  Sustainable use of the skin, keep your skin fresh. 

6. Soft red, natural colour and pink.

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