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Silk Oil of Morocco’s Vegan Eye Shadow Brush Set has been designed to incorporate four high quality hand crafted vegan eye shadow brushes to help the every day user achieve a professional eye make-up finish. This simple and easy to use brush set is provided in a stylish compact and portable case perfect to use when travelling.

5 Reasons to use Synthetic Make-up Brushes:

1) Synthetic brushes are better suited for people with sensitive skin as some people are allergic to animal hair.

2) Synthetic brushes are a great option for people who are vegan friendly as no animal hair is used.

3) Synthetic brushes are great for creating a layered look and help to provide a soft looking make-up finish.

4) Synthetic brushes are easy to keep clean as they do not absorb and trap make-up like natural brushes may do.

5) High quality nylon hair feels irresistibly soft.

1 x Vegan Angled Eye Colour Brush
1 x Vegan Rounded Blending Brush
1 x Vegan Pencil Brush
1 x Vegan Angled Eyeliner Brush

Angled Eye Colour Brush: This brush is designed for all over eye shadow colour application and blending. Use the brush to lightly pat eye shadow over the entire eyelid. A void long brushing strokes to ensure maximum longevity and coverage.

Rounded Blending Brush: This paddle-shaped brush can be used to apply eye shadow over the entire eyelid and provides expert blending. Suitable for both powder or cream products, use brush to apply eye shadow to crease and blend outwards for a smooth, even graduation of colour.

Pencil Brush: This brush is perfect for blending and shading the eyelid, eye crease or lash line with precision. The pencil-shaped tip is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smokey looking eye.

Angled Eyeliner Brush: This brush is ideal for lining, shading or shaping the eye or eyebrow. The flat shape with angled tip helps to define the eye by distributing colour along the edges and into the corners of the eye with ease. Use with a natural eye shadow shade to enhance the eyebrow by filling in gaps and shaping.

Cosmetic brushes can become coated with make-up residue, body oils and dead skin. Increased bacteria levels can negatively affect the proper application of make-up and can also cause skin irritation. Silk Oil of Morocco recommends that cosmetic brushes are cleaned after every use with Silk Oil of Morocco’s Alcohol Free, Argan Vegan Brush Cleaner.

How to use Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Vegan Brush Cleaner:
1. Spray the Argan Vegan Brush Cleaner directly onto brush bristles.
2. Gently sweep the brush bristles onto a paper towel using the same motion that you would use if you were applying makeup, taking care not to damage the bristles. Repeat this until there is no longer product coming off onto the paper towel.
3. Lay brushes flat to air-dry or place in a Silk Oil of Morocco Makeup Brush Stand.

1. Should I boil my brushes to sterilize them?
Silk Oil of Morocco advise you not to boil your brushes as this can ruin the delicate bristles.
2. How often should I replace my make-up brush?
Silk Oil of Morocco recommends customers replace their make-up brushes every 6-8 months to ensure flawless make-up application.
3. Is it ok to share cosmetic brushes with others?
It is generally not a good idea to share make-up brushes as it is an easy way to share bacteria that can lead to infection.

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