Ultra Cleansing Facial

The ideal facial for the delicate and inflamed skin that needs to be soothed, hydrated and refined. Your skin is gently exfoliated, blockages are released and a soothe massage follow. A refining mask to finish leaves your skin feeling sublimely clean, calm and refreshed. 

Ultra Radiance Facial

If your skin appears a little tired or neglected, we can restore its radiance and good health with this brightening and deeply hydrating facial. A soothing facial massage complemented by anti-ageing serum, improves circulation and skin tone, while the specialised skin-brightening mask guarantees visibly brighter skin. Your skin will feel immediately more radiant, making this the perfect special occasion facial.

Ultra Renew Treatment Facial

This rejuvenating facial provides the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence. Beginning with in-depth skin cleansing and customised exfoliation, it flows onto a restorative facial massage enhanced by the infusion of selected skin restoring serums. The totally perfect way to relax and renew your complexion at the same time.

Aspya Signature Alginate Facial

Our very own Signature Alginate Facial is a natural beauty treatment that provides fast and impressive results. The treatments includes:

  • Double Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Ozone Steam Cleanse
  • Extractions
  • Bespoke Alginate Mask
  • Facial, Neck and Shoulder Massage

The main component of the alginate mask is algin (sodium alginate) or sodium salt of alginic acid – a compound obtained from marine algae. Another necessary ingredient is calcium sulfate.  When mixed with water or water-based gel, these two powdered compounds form hydrocolloid gel, which become a depot for active ingredients, allowing their slow migration into skin. 

Since alginate mask is well saturated with water, it quickly restores skin hydration, which in turn results in remarkable improvement of skin’s appearance – it becomes smooth, fresh, youthful and radiant. At the same time, this method of express moisturizing is superior to paraffin masks or mineral oils, since algin allows easy oxygen exchange and help absorb and remove toxins from the skin surface.   

Alginate masks contain seaweeds, which stimulate collagen synthesis, improve skin’s water holding capacity, and supply it with essential minerals and microelements. Since seaweeds speed up fat metabolism, they are indispensable in anti-cellulite programs and for body and face sculpturing. 
Another name for alginate masks – modeling or plastifying masks. It means that soon after applying, the mask solidifies, following face contour. The mask remains plastic, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort and peels off easily in a single layer. 

Alginate masks can be further enhanced by a variety of natural additives: powdered herbal extracts, different types of clay, essential oils etc. With special additives, alginate masks can be targeted to solve various skin problems. Even though additives are important, it is worth mentioning that any type of alginate masks would effectively revitalize and moisturize skin, improve circulation, tighten loose skin, reduce pore size, lessen puffiness and calm down skin after aggressive skin treatments.

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