Rezenerate Facial Review!

Mar 29 , 2019

Karen Ross

Rezenerate Facial Review!

I tried Rezenerate and There Was Nothing "Nano" About the Results. 

As most of you are aware I have a very talented daughter, Jenna who is our Aspya Skin Therapist, Jenna also develops skincare treatment plans for both our Aspya Brisbane Skin Clinic and Aspya Bali Skin Clinic

I have recently been given THE BEST FACIAL EVER so I just had to share my first-hand experience with my new favourite service that has launched at Aspya.

As Jenna knows I refer to myself as the part of the Age-Reversal Gang, so she knew I would love being the Clinic tester for our new treatment Rezenerate, but more importantly, I love my skin getting a little pampering.

Jenna asked me to try the new service that has recently launched at Aspya called Rezenerate. Its no secret, I’m a skincare addict, and I’m not easy to impress, but naturally, I was curious about this new facial. A quick Google search on the Rezenerate Facial told me that the internet was already buzzing about it! (how did I miss this...) I was keen to try this service that claimed to leave me with the skin of a goddess. Ok, maybe they didn’t say precisely that, but I DID hear that it provided terrific results. So appointment confirmed with Jenna as I had to experience it for myself, (perks of the job).

What is Rezenerate?

Rezenerate is one of the latest and most innovative technologies in the skincare industry. It uses cutting edge NanoTechnology to deliver ultimate results for your skin. Being someone who loves new technology, almost as much as new skincare products, this got my attention.

Is Rezenerate Skin Needling? (also referred to as Micro-Needling)

The handheld device might appear similar, but it is definitely NOT the same as Skin Needling. Skin Needling creates small punctures, (microchannels) into the skin with tiny needles. These punctures cause your body to think that your skin is injured, which then, in turn, increases cell turnover and collagen flow to the area as the body tries to “repair” itself. It sounds a little scary, but it’s actually a pretty effective procedure and still one of my favourites, but will now be sharing me with the Rezenerate Facial.

How is Rezenerate is Different to Skin Needling?

Rezenerate differs from skin needling in several ways. This facial uses a wand that creates a series of small perforations in the skin, without needles. The wand contains “Nano Pyramids.” The Nano Pyramids are designed to meet what the Rezenerate brand calls “The Golden Ratio.” In other words, the pyramids’ structure, placement, and speed work together to deliver the serums into the skin with maximum effectiveness and without compromising your skin’s integrity.

The other cool thing is that the wand is designed to work with any skincare line. Jenna was able to use the same products that we already know and love, my go-to brand being the Ultraderm Range of Skin Care. This was a benefit for me because I’m picky about which products I put on my skin.

The great thing that I LOVED about this facial, it's so customizable. Jenna mixed a unique cocktail of serums to tackle my individual skin concerns. Jenna used the Rezenerate wand to apply these products deep into my skin, allowing the serums to be more effectively absorbed than a topical application.

The Rezenerate treatment separates dead skin cells from the surface, uncovering the living cells below to restore a healthy, refreshed glow to the skin.

This facial is marketed as "THE BEST FACIAL EVER," and they could very well be right. The instant results are real.

The Rezenerate works on:
Reducing under-eye puffiness
Increasing hydration
Diminishes dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines
Treats skin blemishes

Is there a Catch?

This is where I usually include a side effects warning, but Rezenerate really doesn’t need one. It’s non-invasive and pain-free. I did experience a little pinkness, similar to a very minor sunburn, that lasted no more than an hour. I didn’t have any downtime after my treatment, Jenna told me I could wear makeup that same day, but there was no way I covering up my GLOW, I actually had a few 'shake my head" moments, as I looked at my skin throughout the day, it seemed so hydrated and rejuvenated and felt so healthy and smooth.

I don’t think I’ve got so excited over a new technology since the iPhone X came out, and that did absolutely nothing for my skin! Just gave me wrinkles from the stress of trying to understand it. So I would have to say it impressed me, both on the 1.5-hour luxurious facial treatment and the results. The Rezenerate facial will give you medical-grade result in a non-invasive procedure.

Don't take my word for it, this new service launches at Aspya with our introductory offers, so I look forward to hearing what you all think.